Accessing the Development Version of Mountainmath’s Cansim package R

This note provides a vignette showing how to install the development version of the new CANSIM package for accessing NDM. This vignette uses R utilities to iknstal the GITHUB version of the CANSIM package. More information about the developers can be found on the Mountainmath website at I commend the blog posts to you for interesting information.

Packages USED

The key package installed in this vignette is the CANSIM package developed by Mountain Math. This is the key package for retrieving data using the web services released in the New Dissemination Model version of CANSIM. The data are retrieved and converted to time series stored as XTS objects. Key packages include

  • cansim – package developed by Mountain Math to access the NDM CANSIM
  • devtools – R utilities

Installing the Package

The devtools package is a necessity to easily access GITHUB development sites


The library statement will check that the cansim package is correctly installed.